Posted on February 27, 2013


The ‘we’ve seen your boob song’ at the Oscars ceremony from ‘comedian’ Seth MacFarlane is the last straw for me. It’s war now, a war against misogyny that middle aged mothers like me have no choice but to fight not just for their daughters but for all young women.

In the last few weeks we’ve had Suzanne Moore’s powerful piece on why women have good cause to be angry hijacked by a bunch of tranny trolls. We’ve had respected Mary Beard personally abused for the way she looks. We’ve had a picture of Reeva Steenkamp in a bikini on the front page of the Sun on the day after she was brutally murdered. We’ve had tales of sexual harassment and abuses of male privilege oozing out of the past whether that’s in the corridors of power or a police station in South London where rape victims were persuaded to drop charges so that their crime solving statistics improved.

Try and imagine it the other way around. A ‘We’ve seen your penis song’ sung at the Oscars? Simon Schama vilified for not looking like George Clooney? And if Posh murdered Becks do you think the Sun would put a picture of him in those Calvin Klein knickers on their front page?

Misogyny is not just alive, it’s kicking harder against women as time get tougher.
As older women we are more likely to have the confidence to speak out against sexism because we know there is little point to caring whether men might like us less as a result. We can be the harridans, the witches who speak the truth. We can call abuse, abuse, whether that’s the drip drip of humiliation that comes from seeing women only as bodies to the ubiquitous horror of violence against women. We have the glimmerings of feminist ideas about equality from the 1970s as an ideal still lurking there in the shadows of our minds. And we have the experiences of our own pasts to share.

We know that you rarely get what you want in life by waiting for it. You have to seize it with both hands like the men do. You have to be courageous, outspoken, inspired and true to your inner conscience as to what’s right and wrong. Feminism is about basic human rights and respect for women. So if you are ever in doubt about whether something is sexist, just try inserting a man in there instead and see if it works. And if it doesn’t, shout your rage from the rooftops.

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