things girls should know about…..boys

Posted on January 29, 2013


1) They might seem to ooze confidence and braggadocio, but most boys, of all ages, are at least as terrified of us as we are of them. Many are more so. That’s why they like to hunt together in packs. And that’s why they brag about their triumphs to each other, triumphs which are in all likelihood fantasies.
2) Steer clear of any boy who seems to think you should always do what HE wants and never what YOU want socially, sexually or emotionally. He isn’t worth it.
3) Abusive relationships are not just the ones where we are hit or hurt physically. When girls feel vulnerable they tend to put each other down rather than the boys. When boys feel vulnerable they tend to put girls down rather than each other so we have to be careful. Abuse can be subtle and often boys do not know that is what they are doing with phrases which undermine our self confidence over the way we look, our achievements or our dreams. Its abusive too when boys consistently make promises they do not keep, flirt with your friends in front of you or keep you at such a distance that you always feel like the more needy one.
4) You can’t change other people, much. Countless girls of all ages persist with the false notion that if you love someone enough or for long enough, they will change and see the light, appreciate you more. People do change through time and through a long relationship, but building something with someone on the basis of some faint hope for the future isn’t sensible. Life is too short to waste on someone who isn’t what you need now.
5) The best boys see you and appreciate you for who you really are. They don’t want to change you. They respect you and your autonomy, your integrity and everything you have to offer. They may pretend otherwise but boys need girls just as much as girls need boys. So don’t lay down unhealthy first foundations for your future relationships, or for theirs for that matter by pretending otherwise. Be who you are. Say what you think or want. Be bold. You are beautiful. And someone you may not have noticed yet has certainly noticed you.