Posted on July 22, 2011


It can be hard sometimes fathoming the reason for taking girls on holiday at all once they become teenagers. When they were little the whole family embarked on quality together time. Now….

 1)      They can be so embarrassed about having to be in your company 24/7 for TWO WHOLE WEEKS that they walk ten yards behind you from the airport to the beach.

2)      They lie comatose on a towel by the pool with headphones plugged firmly into their ears so that they do not have to listen to your incessant nagging about applying sunscreen.

3)      They miss their friends, moan regularly about missing parties/festivals/America’s Next Top Model/the heat/the food/being bored/ the rain if you are inCornwall.

4)      They run up huge bills on their mobiles by downloading facebook and texting each other constantly about the shade of their tan line or the tragic fact that their nose is peeling, or that it is raining.

5)      They poke fun at a middle aged woman’s most embarrassing, or should we say endearing, habits – swimming breaststroke very slowly without getting the hair wet or breathing out underwater, admiring the size, shape and colour of all the vegetables in the market, flirting with waiters, or insisting that we all traipse round local museums when it rains.

 It can feel at times as if dragging them away from life as they know it is like drawing teeth slowly. But then somewhere after week one something subtly changes.

They begin to dive through rubber rings, choreograph silly synchronised swimming routines and jump waves holding hands. They want to play monopoly when it rains or have late night tournaments of cheat and racing demon. They pick up a book and not only read it but want to talk about it. They start arguing, not about who has taken whose clothes but about politics or the wrongs of the world. They reminisce about past holiday disasters with the people who have known and loved them most as if we were all old dears meeting up for lunch.

 And that’s when I know that it was worth the cost, financial as well as emotional. Because the best holiday for teenagers stressed out with exams and peer pressure and that constant gnawing feeling that one never looks good enough is one where they are allowed to be little girls again. They can escape for a few days into the security and invisibility of family however flawed that may be.

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